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Monday, July 25, 2011

Download Form 16A from Income Tax of India site is mandatory for Banks and Corporates


Form 16A – Deductee – Taxpayer
Dear Taxpayer
It is mandatory* for corporates and banks to issue TDS certificate in Form 16A as generated from Tax Information Network of Income Tax Deptt. Please Insist on Form 16A (quarterly TDS certificate) that has been downloaded from TIN Central System only.
• Verify that the Form 16A, is in PDF form and has a “unique six alpha character (e.g. AQTYUR) TDS
Certificate number”.
• To verify genuineness of certificate click on “Verification of TDS certificate (Form 16A) by Tax payer
(“ in the “TDS” link
at .
• Option to view Form 16A is also available , while viewing 26AS statement online.
Note: ITD is not responsible for any mismatch in the TDS certificate and the actual transaction of the taxpayer with the deductor. In case of mismatch please contact your deductor for necessary action.
* As per CBDT circular no. 03/2011 dated May 13, 2011, TDS Certificates in Form No. 16A will be generated from Tax Information Network (TIN) website i.e. It is mandatory for Companies and Banks to issue Form 16A from TIN to their deductees for deductions made from April 1, 2011 (F.Y. 2011-12 onwards)
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