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EPFO - e-PASSBOOK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Here are some very important questions which could be in your mind about your Provident Fund which is being deducted from your Salary/Wages and how you can get the details from Employees' Provident Fund Organisation by registering ONLINE through the link provided on the official website on Member Portal. Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is a statutory bode under Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India which maintains all the record of Provident Fund being deducted out of your salary/wages. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) in this regard are as under :
What is Member Portal ?
Member Portal is for Employee, Where Employee can check own PF Status.

What is E-PassBook ?
E-PassBook is the employee Provident Fund status Book (PDF). Employee can check own PF status

Who can register on the member portal?
Any member of the employees’ provident fund can register. at the time of registration, details of the PF Account(s) is not required.

What are the advantages of registration?
Only a registered member can download his/her pf account Pass Book. Pass Book will be available for immediate download only for the active members for whom the employer has uploaded an electronic challan cum return (ecr) and remitted the dues. For members who have left the service before march 2012, the Pass Book will be made available if the member makes a request for the same on the portal. Pass Book of members having inoperative or settled accounts will not be displayed on the portal.

Can a member create his own user id and Password on the portal?
No. any chosen document number as in PAN, Aadhar, Passport, etc will be the user id and mobile number will be the Password. The member will not have to remember the user id and Password in such case.
Can a P.F. member working for an establishment exempted under the epf scheme also avail benefits under the portal?
No. The provident fund accounts in such case are maintained by the respective trust and Pass Book for such member cannot be displayed through the member portal.

A registered member has lost/changed his existing mobile number. can he/she change the mobile number on the portal?
Yes, he/she can change the mobile number. facility to edit the mobile number has been provided on the portal. The member has to login using his/her id and old mobile number and then edit the existing mobile number. He/she will get a pin through an sms on the new mobile number to complete the process.

What are the advantages of adding multiple document numbers on the portal?
The member may at any point of time be carrying any of the various documents such as pan, aadhar, Passport, bank Pass Book. adding the multiple numbers gives him/her an advantage of using any of the number to log in and download his/her Pass Book. He/she will also not have to remember as to which document he/she had used for registration.

If any document number is wrongly entered, can it be edited?
Yes, the number can be edited. However the document number used for log in at the time of editing is blocked. for example, if a member has logged in using his/her pan, he/she can edit any other document number but not the pan. For editing pan if wrongly entered he/she will have to log in with some other document number already added.

Why for each transaction the member has to get and enter the pin received on his/her mobile number?
This is to ensure that the portal is not misused by any other person who may know the document number and mobile number of any other member. The record of the mobile number used for registration and for each transaction will be maintained in the data base and in case of any complaint, action may be taken on the basis of the mobile number used. Thus this is only to safeguard the interests of the members.
A member has used one identity document to register and has forgotten the same. can he/she register again using his/her mobile number?
No. one mobile number can be used only for one registration. However he/she can click on the ‘forgot login’ link under the fields for document number and mobile number to get through sms his/her document details used for the registration.

How can a member download his/her Pass Book?
After login the member has to use the download e Pass Book link on the portal. He/she has to select the state under which the establishment is covered and then the EPFO office that maintains his/her account. he/she will be asked to enter the code number, account number and his/her name. if the Pass Book is available he/she will get a pin on his/her mobile number and on entry of the pin he/she will get the link for the Pass Book. He/she can open and save the Pass Book on his/her computer.

What entries will be shown in the Pass Book?
Month and date wise transactions made in member’s account will be displayed in the Pass Book from the year for which the annual accounts were updated for the establishment for the first time since computerization of the concerned field office. For example if the first annual accounts of member’s establishment were updated for the year 2008-09 by the concerned field office after its computerization, the Pass Book will display the opening balance for year 2008-09 and all transactions thereafter.

A member has left service but not applied for settlement of his account. can he/she download his/her Pass Book?
Members who has left service can make a request for their Pass Book through the member portal. once his/her request is accepted on the portal, he/she will receive an SMS when the Pass Book is made available on the portal. he/she can then login and download the Pass Book. Pass Book will however not be made available if the member’s account has become inoperative (no contribution received for 36 months or more) or if it is settled. Pass-Book will be available for immediate download for active members only for whom the employer has uploaded the Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) and has made the payment.

The member has got the pin on his mobile number while downloading the e-PassBook. but the field for entry of the pin is not allowing entry. What to do?
The field for entry of pin allows enter only when the member has clicked on the check box with ‘i agree’ meaning that he/she is declaring that the account number he/she has entered is his/her account and that in case of any misuse or complaint his/her details can be used for suitable action.

A member working for an establishment exempted under the epf scheme wants to download his/her Pass Book. Is it possible?
No, the P.F. accounts of the exempted establishment are maintained by the respective trusts and Pass Book of such member cannot be displayed from this portal.
While downloading the e Pass Book a message appears “you have entered invalid members id or name”. What to do?
Please check whether you have entered the correct code & account number and/or name. in case yes, the name may not be matching as per the record in EPFO. In such case the member has to contact the concerned EPFO office.

The member has downloaded his/her Pass Book but there is some error in the name. What to do?
At present the name as appearing in the Pass Book cannot be changed.

A member has downloaded his/her e Pass Book. however there are several missing entries in the contributions. What to do?
The member should check first with the employer whether the returns for the month/year related to the missing entry has been submitted by him to the concerned EPFO office. In case yes then he/she can contact the concerned EPFO office regarding the missing details.

Member has downloaded his/her e Pass Book. however the contributions displayed are less than the actual dues as per his/her wages. What to do?
He/she should check with the employer as to what amounts have been shown in the returns. in case of any grievance, he/she should contact the concerned pf office.

A member has attempted to download the e Pass Book. he is not getting the pin. What to do?
He/she should check the message displayed on the screen. if the message states that pin has been sent and the pin is not received, it may be because the line is very busy. in such case it is advised to wait for some time and try again.

A member has two accounts in the same establishment? how can he/she download the Pass Book for both?
Out of the two accounts under the same establishment one will definitely be closed and the second account may be the active one. The member should apply in form 13 to get the old account transferred to the active one. after transfer the amount will be added to the active account and will be displayed in the Pass Book.

Can the member download the Pass Book of an account multiple times?
Yes. With the launch of electronic challan cum return the members account will be credited with the monthly contribution amount each month. The member can download the e-Pass Book any number of times (every month) to check the latest details.

A member has an active account but some of the earlier accounts have become inoperative. how can he/she get the details of such accounts through the portal?
e-Pass Book of inoperative accounts will not be displayed. however the member should apply in form 13 to get the earlier account transferred to the active account. In such case the details of the amount will appear in the Pass Book of the active account.

A member does not know the EPFO office under which his/her establishment is complying. how can he/she download his/her Pass Book?
The member can use the establishment search facility on the EPFO website to get the details of the office and also the code number of the establishment.

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